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In Field Test’s

  • A: Brief sports medicine examination and final reporting

A sports-orthopedic and general medicine examination is performed by our senior medical expert (Dr.Rafik Radwan), this includes a sport specific examination with a strong focus on injury prevention aspects.

  • B: Analysis of running style/VO2 MAX per individual player

Running filed testing approach (performed on a running track or on the soccer field) with video camera’s capturing ad 2D analysis for each player. And heart rate analysis (Polar devices) to examine the aerobic and           anaerobic capacity including threshold calculations, this includes         individual reporting and training recommendations for each player.

  • C: Biomechanical foot scan test

Using in-shoe system from Tekscan company, USA for analyzing the mechanics and pressure distribution of feet during activity with individual report for each player.

  • C1: The aim of this measurement is to:

Evaluation of insoles used to indicate suitability for foot

Evaluation of different kind of shoes and indicate the fittest for the soccer field

Evaluation of foot pressure during high speed and different skills

  • D: Strength evaluation test:

Using TensioMeter for detecting the strength level of main muscle working during soccer activities.